Bitrix24 CRM

As Bitrix24 Bronze partners we provide setup and customization for Bitrix24 on-premise and cloud products.With the new features available on Bitrix 24 such as telephony, CRM, Tasks and Business Process automation, we are in a position to meet all your company needs delivering value and productivity.

CRM for Sales Team
Free CRM system for your sales team with all the essential tools – sales funnel, pipeline management, sales reports, 360-degree customer view, support for repeat sales and sales automation.
Sales Funnel Automation
Easily automate sales funnels and create rules and triggers that move clients and prospects between different sales funnels.
Marketing and Sales Intelligence
CRM that tracks your marketing costs and calculates ROI automatically. See which marketing channels, campaigns or even keywords are delivering the best return on investment and help you close more deals.
CRM Stores
Sell right out of your CRM: take orders, send payment links to your clients, accept payments, and organize the delivery - all online.
Quote and Invoices
Issue quotes and invoices and accept payments.
Task and Project management
Create tasks inside CRM. Collaborate with clients on your projects and track time spent so that you can accurately bill them.